About us

As Overseas Indians we are among the most educated and highest earning ethnic minorities in our countries of domicile - making the term Non Resident Indian (NRI) a metaphor for success everywhere. By any measure, we have reached a critical mass and a critical achievement level but, alas, until we launched India Se there has been no global media platform to talk about our achievements, aspirations, our culture or multitudes of cultures, and even our idiosyncracies. 

Seven years ago, in June 2007, we believed it was time for a global NRI-centric media brand that also provides a common media platform to the global Indian community to communicate. With a sharp eye on trends that affect overseas Indians, exhilarating opinion columns, and overal great writing and design, we named our magazine India Se.

While India Se is a magazine dedicated to issues that are important to the NRIs and PIOs it is not restricted only to these groups of recent Indian immigrants. As a cultural and lifestyle magazine, it also seeks to connect, inform and entertain all people of Indian origin including those a few generations removed, who identify themselves culturally, ethnically and emotionally as Indians. But in doing so, it does not exclude non-Indians who may want to find out what makes Indians – especially overseas Indians – such a powerful and vibrant economic and cultural force globally.

India Se is a monthly magazine delivering the most original coverage in global Indian business, education, fashion, arts and culture. Our focus is on informing and entertaining an international audience of highly educated readers. It is our intention to create a community of the most interested and interesting Indians in the world.

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