Yin Joy

Feng Shui tips for happiness when you decorate your home for Christmas and New Year

1/16/2019 2:45:14 AM
written By : SBS Surendran Print

As we come closer to Christmas and New Year, most homes would be looking forward to family reunions and celebrations. The festive spirit could get a boost from Feng Shui.

Let’s get this straight. Feng Shui is not about placing Chinese artifacts, suspending chimes, crystals, placing fountains or aquariums. It has more to do with the ambience, environment and the feel of a place which is assessed on the basis of various factors such as orientation of the property, main door, layout and the cause and effect of the immediate surroundings.

Feng Shui tenets and principles are strictly based on space and time dimensions. The introduction of symbolism in Feng Shui is to counter or kill the negative chi. That is how Feng Shui can add to happiness -- by driving out negativity.

Indeed, Feng Shui has come a long way with many adapting it in their daily lives right from the interiors to the furnishings to usher in prosperity and good fortune.

Creating a harmonious space which pulsates and vibrates in tandem with the energies of the occupants of the home ensures harmony, peace and happiness. Adapting some basic Feng Shui, one can enhance this energy flow, known as chi, within the home, to enjoy happiness and prosperity. 

Prior to putting in new decorations for celebrations or the holiday season, ensure that you have de-cluttered the place and taken off things which are looking rundown and lifeless.

A subtle yet effective Feng Shui suggestion to make your Christmas tree more interesting is to ensure that you don’t overdo the décor. You may love the sparkling lights and pretty ornaments on Christmas trees, but let them not be too large. Evergreen trees naturally have a spiky, ‘yang’ shape that can disrupt the even flow of energy in a room. Just as you wouldn’t want to overpower a room with a piece of furniture too big for the room, too large a tree is not conducive to a relaxing, harmonious feeling.

The yang energy of a Christmas tree can be tempered by using cream and other muted colours among the brighter ornaments and by putting bows or fabric garlands on the branches to help soften the tree’s harsh edges. Also, it’s important to place the tree away from seating areas to ensure the comfort of friends and family.

In Feng Shui, green is the colour of healing. It relieves and diffuses stress and creates a peaceful environment. Decorate with pine or evergreen branches and garlands; consider hanging some over your entryway outside to ward off negative energies and invite fortune and luck.

Cinnamon is a calming and cooling Christmas scent. Pine, cypress or eucalyptus scents cleanse an atmosphere of negative energy. Cloves and bayberry create calm and harmony. And putting cloves in oranges and placing them in the kitchen or dining room encourages abundance, money and happiness.

Poinsettias promise miracles and magic when used as Christmas decorations. Hang them in the four corners of the main floor of the house. It is said that mistletoe keeps the atmosphere clear of negativity, anger, stress and tension. As Feng Shui décor, mistletoe in the dining room is also said to bring cash and luck into the house .

Candles are used as part of the décor to create a happy, festive mood. Candles emit natural energy and supplement the relaxing effects of dimmed lights. Activate good Feng Shui by lighting plenty of aroma candles near the entrance, Christmas tree and your New Year decorations to give a sense of calmness, freshness and serenity to the whole celebration. 

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous year ahead. May the good energies continue to vibrate and pulsate in your home, enriching your lives.

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