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Arvind To Sunita: Will You Be My Valentine?

Delhi’s new Chief Minister is not afraid of PDA or flaunting his marital status

3/17/2015 11:24:15 AM
written By : Shobhaa De Print

What a lovely, lovely love story! Now that Arvind Kejriwal’svery spontaneous and very public Jaadu Ki Jhappi (as media wallas have dubbed it), has broken through the ridiculous, outdated and annoying PDA rule imposed on desi politicians, restricting them from as much as holding hands with their significant others in public, a refreshing new standard is safely in place! Go on, all you rigidly conformist netas-hug your spouses openly and demonstrate your pyaar-vyaar - it is okay! And endearing, too. Television footage of Arvind embracing Sunita, his wife of close to 20 years, right after his spectacular win in Delhi, got everybody talking! 

In a stiff, hierarchic and hypocritical atmosphere that dominates political culture in India, it was so refreshing to see the chief minister designate, generously acknowledging the admirable role played by Sunita (his former batch mate and now mother of their two children) in his life. The terrific clinch took place after Arvind reassured his publicity shy wife that he had sought formal sarkari permission to grasp her in a tight bear hug at the rally! 

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