Waxing, Not Waning

Anushka Sharma stands out even in Madam Tussauds Singapore.

This Bollywood star is really on a roll

1/16/2019 3:36:21 AM
written By : Aishwarya Kamath Print

With the launch of her new interactive wax figure, renowned Bollywood actress, producer and entrepreneur Anushka Sharma joined the IIFA Awards Experience at Madame Tussauds Singapore for the official unveiling ceremony, providing media and fans with the experience of a lifetime.

“I am glad that my wax figure is the first ever talking and interactive wax figure in Madame Tussauds Singapore. My fans who visit Madame Tussauds Singapore can engage with my interactive figure and also take a selfie,” said Anushka.

The talented actress who will next be seen with Shah Rukh Khan in Zero spoke exclusively to India Se Media. Here are the excerpts.

India Se: How do you feel about having the first interactive wax statue in Singapore?

Anushka Sharma:  Yeah, it feels incredible. I think it is something that you would never grow up imagining and when it does happen, it is a very surreal feeling and it’s bizarre also. And the fact that it is an attractive, interactive one. Being the very first one in Singapore, it will be interesting for the fans also.

India Se: Speaking of first, can you tell me about your first day on Rab Ne Banadi Jodi as someone out of the industry?

Anushka Sharma: It’s amazing working with him (Shah Rukh Khan) but it being the first time, I (had a case of) nerves and excitement also -- you’re very anxious about how things are going to go. I was very well prepared but I still feel like it doesn’t take away from the fear you feel. I knew I had to face the camera for the first time right next to a huge superstar, so I think I had to learn to control my nerves.

India Se: How do you deal with competition, criticism and trolling? Since everyone is now on social media and passing judgments has become so easy.

Anushka Sharma:  I think it happens to everyone. Anyone who puts a picture out there gets judged. In the beginning I used to react, but now I am getting very unaffected by it because I understand that if people do not say nice things about you, say something negative about you, it really doesn’t speak about you as a person. It speaks about how they are as a person and their insecurities.  I really don’t get affected by it any more because my goal is to be less bothered with what people have to say about me. 

India Se:  What are you working on currently? 

Anushka Sharma:Zero is releasing next month, so it is something that I am really looking forward to it. Other than that, we are producing a series for Amazon and a period piece on Netflix, which we just announced. So we are really excited about these. My brother and I have always wanted to be seen as a production house that enables people to see uniquely different stories and the fact that Netflix and Amazon are interested in working with us, even if I am not starring in it, is a great feeling and a huge accomplishment for me. 

India Se: Of all the roles you’ve played in the past, which has been your favourite? Which one has challenged you the most? 

Anushka Sharma: I think I try to challenge myself in very role I do, so it’s very hard to pick one.  But I think now the upcoming one, Zero, is quite challenging for me.

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