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PM Modi Speaks Up On Triple Talaq, Sabarimala, Ram Mandir & Urjit Patel

1/2/2019 1:50:40 PM
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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi refused to compare the triple talaq bill to the Sabarimala issue saying that while one was a matter of gender equality, the other was a matter of tradition.

“Most Islamic countries have banned Triple Talaq. So it is not a matter of religion or faith. Even in Pakistan, Triple Talaq is banned. So it is an issue of gender equality, matter of social justice. It is not an issue of faith. So keep the two separate,” he said.

Sabarimala temple

On  the Supreme Court ordering an end to a decades-old ban on women of menstrual age entering the Sabarimala temple, he said, “There are some temples, which have their own traditions, where men can’t go. And men don’t go... In this, Sabrimala, a woman judge in the Supreme Court has made certain observations. It needs to be read minutely. There is no need to attribute those to any political party. As a woman, she has made some suggestions. There should be a debate on that as well sometimes.”

Ram Mandir

He made it clear that any decision on bringing an ordinance on the construction of a Ram temple in Ayodhya could be considered only after the judicial process got over.

Urjit Patel

Urjit Patel’s resignation as Reserve Bank of India governor was not something that happened due to any political pressure, Modi said.

“He himself requested (to resign) on personal reasons. I am revealing for the first time, he was telling me about it for past 6-7 months before his resignation. He gave it even in writing. No question of political pressure. He did a good job as RBI Governor,” Modi said.

Congress’ first family

“It is a fact that those considered first family, who ran the country for four generations, are out on bail, that too for financial irregularities. It is a big thing. A set of people, who are at their service, are trying to suppress such information and push other narratives,” PM Modi said.

“Even Congress people say Congress is a thought, a culture. When I say Congress-mukt, I want to rid the country from this culture and this sort of thinking. And I say that Congress too needs to be mukt of this Congress culture,” he said.

Read the full text of PM Modi’s interview.


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