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Is Narendra Modi The Most Popular Politician In Power On Facebook?

1/18/2019 2:00:42 PM
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Is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi the most popular politician in power on Facebook? His Facebook page has received more than 43 million likes, putting him far ahead of Donald Trump (23 million likes), not to mention Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Theresa May and company. Barack Obama is still ahead with 55 million likes, but he is no longer president.


India Se just checked all their Facebook pages after the website reported quoting Zee News that Modi is miles ahead of opposition Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on social media. Rahul Gandhi’s Facebook page has received 2.2 million likes, which puts him in the same league as Emmanuel Macron (2.3 million) and Angela Merkel (2.5 million), ahead of Theresa May (501,000) but far behind Justin Trudeau (6.4 million).

Modi has even more followers on Twitter – 45.1 million – than on Facebook. But Trump is more popular on Twitter, with 57.4 million followers. However, even Trump can’t match Barack Obama who has 104 million followers on Twitter. Incidentally, India has more Facebook users (242.5 million) than the United States (214 million), but fewer Twitter users (34.4 million) than the US (67 million), according to the statistics portal Statista.

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