The Nutcracker: Brilliant Ballet From China

1/21/2019 2:41:38 PM
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East meets West in a brilliant rendition of The Nutcracker by the National Ballet of China. Though the setting has been changed from Christmas to Chinese New Year festivities, that does not spoil the enjoyment of this superb production with lively dancers performing to Tchaikovsky’s glorious music. The choreography is splendid, the costumes colourful, the props striking, in a lavish extravaganza that is non-stop entertainment.

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The story begins at a fair where people are shopping for the Chinese New Year, then moves to a family celebration of the New Year where a foreigner, a family friend, gives a nutcracker doll as a gift to a little girl, making her cousin, a boy, very jealous. Later, the girl goes to sleep in her bedroom and falls into a dream. In her dream, she sees the nutcracker turn into a toy soldier which gets into a fight with monsters. The Crane Queen comes to his rescue and subdues the monsters. Yuan Yuan, the little girl, in her dream then thanks the Crane Queen and asks her to transform her into a beautiful crane. She then flies off to the Porcelain Kingdom with her beloved nutcracker metamorphosed into a handsome prince.

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What follows is simply fabulous -- a series of magical encounters and captivating dances. The production dazzles with 65 performers, ornate costumes, stunning props, all used to good effect. Presented by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, this Chinese New Year-themed ballet could not have been better timed, staged in Singapore from January 18 to 20, only two weeks before the Year of the Pig. The ballet ends with the little girl waking up, realising she had been dreaming, and the family celebrating the New Year, the happy ending a feel-good coda to a scintillating show.

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