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Second Supreme Court Judge Recuses Himself From CBI Director Case

1/24/2019 3:04:07 PM
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Photo: Courtesy The Hindu

Justice AK Sikri became the second Supreme Court judge to recuse himself from hearing a petition challenging the appointment of Nageshwar Rao as director of the Central Bureau of Investigation. His recusal comes days after Chief Justice Rajan Gogoi also recused himself.

Justice Sikri was part of the three-member committee chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which removed Alok Verma as CBI director and paved the way for the appointment of Rao as interim director. The vote of Justice Sikri, who went in place of Chief Justice Gogoi as his nominee, proved to be the decisive one against Verma.

The petitioner challenging the appointment of Rao -- a non-profit group called Common Cause – protested against Justice Sikri’s recusal, saying it  sent a "wrong message". "It seems you don't want to hear the case," the petitioner's lawyer, Dushant Dave, told the court. "This court goes out of its way when it comes to removal of Alok Verma, but when it comes tonew appointment, it is not inclined to hear," he added.

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