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Leh, Kargil Connected To National Power Grid

1/18/2019 4:12:42 PM
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In a major development, India’s northernmost areas in the state of Jammu and Kashmir -- Kargil and Leh -- have been connected to the national power grid. The Alusteng-Alunday stretch of the 350 km Srinagar-Kargil-Leh transmission line across some of the world’s highest mountain ranges and inhospitable terrains separating the Kashmir valley from the frontier districts of Kargil and Ladakh was switched on, on Saturday (January 12). Power flowed for four hours through the 220 kilovolt line and its four sub-stations connecting Leh with the northern grid at Alusteng  near Srinagar, reports The Times of India.

Leh and Kargil towns have been getting power since 2013 from two hydel projects. The new project will dramatically improve life in the strategic region.

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