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Singapore: More Than Two New Jobs For Locals Than For Foreigners, But Median Income Growth Slows

1/31/2019 1:20:09 PM
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Jobs for locals increased at more than twice the rate for foreigners in Singapore in 2018, when more than two jobs were created for locals for every foreigner hired. But median income is rising more slowly than before, according to preliminary estimates released by the Ministry of Manpower today (January 31).


The median income of Singapore citizens working full-time – that is, the gross monthly income from work, including employers’ contributions to the Central Provident Fund, of the 50th percentile of full-time employed Singaporeans – was $4,183 in June 2018, going up by $133 from $4,050 in June 2017. That was less than the $227 increase in 2017 when the median income went up to $4050 from $3,823 in 2016.

The report says: “Local employment grew by an estimated 28,400 in 2018, more than double that of foreigners excluding foreign domestic workers (10,900). Local increases occurred in services industries such as community, social and personal services, transportation and storage, financial and insurance services, information and communication, and professional services.


“This brought the total number of employed persons (excluding foreign domestic workers) in Singapore to 3,462,000 in December 2018, with 2,329,800 locals and 1,132,200 foreigners. Of every three persons in employment (excluding foreign domestic workers), two were locals (67.3 per cent) and one was a foreigner (32.7 per cent).

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