Tough Nuts To Crack

03/10/2017, Nivruthi Prasad
At first glance, Alexandra Village has a homely vibe reminiscent of a simpler Singapore – the area is populated by rows ...
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The Salubrious Sixty

02/12/2015, Keegan Gan
Car manufacturers these days are competing vigorously to make the most stylish, powerful and yet fuel efficient car, and...
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The Family Favourite

01/04/2015, Keegan Gan
Once again, the Toyota Corolla Altis has reinvented itself. If you think the previous generation’s design is Camry-esque...
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Turning Up The Heat

17/03/2015, Keegan Gan
Hot hatches are aplenty these days, withmany manufacturers creating a special model for themselves as they fight to win ...
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Exemplary Drive

26/11/2014, keegan gan
The new Volvo XC60 T5 Drive-E is a car that combines all the right elements one would expect from a Sport Utility Vehicl...
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Making A Pass At…

02/02/2016, David Pang
For some reasons, I have taken a liking to luxury sedans that wouldn’t cost me a fortune and yet permit me to commute pl...
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