• Sphere Concept

    01/08/2016, Staff Reporter
    In an industry where style and sophistication often rule, Sphere Concept Pte. Ltd., a leading interior design and space ...
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  • Time To Buy?

    31/12/2014, Staff Reporter
    The New Year is likely to bode well for the Indian property market. Aftera lackluster 2014, the first signs of revival w...
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  • Invest-Wise

    15/07/2014, Staff Reporter
    With the Bombay property market in limbo, Pune seems to be galloping ahead when it comes to home sales. No wonder even g...
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  • Great Potential

    11/07/2014, Nithya Subramanian
    Want to own a property in God’s Own Country? Consider Cochin – Kerala’s commercial capital and an old port town has been...
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  • For Good Neighbours

    02/01/2018, S B S Surendran
    Creating happiness and harmony is the primary reason for using feng shui. Happiness and harmony at home or workplace is ...
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  • Preparing For Annual Energy Changes

    11/12/2017, S B S Surendran
    Often we hear people say, “Things changed over a period of time”. In reality, do things change or is it just a belief? W...
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  • Let There Be Light

    02/11/2017, S B S Surendran
    It’s that time of the year when you don’t mind going the extra mile to bring good luck and prosperity into your life. Wh...
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  • Spiritual Cleansing

    03/10/2017, S B S Surendran
    Feng Shui is the ancient art of placement and design used to balance and enhance the energy flow in living environments....
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  • Harmony In Space & Life

    30/06/2017, S B S Surendran
    The science of Vaastu that originated in India dates back to over 5000 years and has been the essence of many ancient st...
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  • Creating Beneficial Spaces

    31/05/2017, S B S Surendran
    Adapting the science of Vaastu or Feng Shui from the inception of a project can prevent costly mistakes. By incorporatin...
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